Uniting Equestrian Excellence: The Richard Mille and Pablo Mac Donough Collaboration

Richard Mille, a name synonymous with avant-garde watchmaking, has found a remarkable partner in the world of equestrian sports - Pablo Mac Donough. Together, they have forged a compelling collection of timepieces that embody the harmony between equestrian excellence and cutting-edge horological craftsmanship.

Pablo Mac Donough: The Polo Phenom

Pablo Mac Donough is a polo prodigy, known for his exceptional skills and tenacity on the polo field. With numerous victories and a reputation as one of the sport's finest players, Mac Donough's collaboration with Richard Mille exemplifies a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence in their respective domains.

RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough: The Polo Defender

At the forefront of this collaboration is the iconic RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough timepiece, aptly named "The Polo Defender." Designed to withstand the rigors of high-impact polo, this extraordinary watch incorporates innovative technologies to protect against the intense G-forces endured during the sport.

Extreme Shock Resistance

The RM 53-01 showcases Richard Mille's expertise in engineering and materials. Its bezel and case back are crafted from sapphire crystal, providing unyielding transparency while ensuring exceptional shock resistance. The tourbillon within the movement is protected by a groundbreaking laminated carbon TPT® suspension cable, securing its position even under the most demanding conditions.

Merging Form and Function

While the RM 53-01 is engineered for resilience, its aesthetics are equally captivating. The intricate skeletonized dial showcases the exquisite craftsmanship that Richard Mille is renowned for, while the bold design pays homage to the spirit of polo and its fearless players.

A Shared Pursuit of Excellence

The partnership between Richard Mille and Pablo Mac Donough celebrates the pursuit of excellence, a shared dedication to precision, and a passion for pushing the limits of what is possible. The RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough timepiece is a testament to this shared vision, resonating with polo enthusiasts and watch collectors alike.


The collaboration between Richard Mille and Pablo Mac Donough exemplifies the fusion of equestrian prowess and horological innovation. The RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough timepiece stands as a symbol of strength, resilience, and precision, capturing the essence of polo and its players. As Richard Mille continues to embrace new partnerships and innovative creations, the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries in haute horlogerie remains unwavering.

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