At Watchaser, we specialize in the expertise of watches. Our meticulous process involves verifying serial numbers and references on the case, movement, bracelet, and clasp.

We then examine all elements under a microscope to determine their authenticity, originality, and detect any signs of polishing.We are required to open the case back to authenticate a watch, and occasionally, we may need to remove the dial.

Verify the authenticity and the origin of the following elements: dial, typography, movement, case, bracelet, clasp, push buttons, glass, indexes, luminous materials, counters, date window, bezel, hands, crown, winding stem, caseback, warranty certificates and boxes.

For vintage watches from renowned brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, we undertake a more extensive study conducted by Mr. Simon MIGNOT. This study helps us determine if any parts have been replaced, which could affect the watch's value. It is crucial that the components correspond to the watch's year of manufacture.

For other vintage watches from various brands, we rely on specialized external providers as it is not possible to claim expertise in all brands.

We carry out a thorough traceability process, which sometimes involves requesting extracts from archives directly from the manufacturers. For vintage watches, we utilize databases that enable us to guarantee the origin of each component in your timepiece.

We conduct tests to verify the tritium on dials and perform a comprehensive analysis to determine if the dial has been restored or repainted.

To ensure accuracy and assess the need for servicing, we employ a timegrapher.

Please note that vintage watches, regardless of their condition, will generally be less precise than modern ones. Rest assured that we strive to provide you with the most precise assessment and evaluation of your vintage timepiece.