Time time to your measure, the art of swiss bespoke watches. Design the watch of your dreams with our prestigious partner Golay Spierer. No limits when creating your timepiece everything is possible.

A unique know-how allowing you to use many precious and technical materials such as sapphire, gold, titanium, palladium, platinum and many more. Choose or develop the movement of your wishes, case shape, dial, straps..

Make an appointment with us in Dubaï, Paris & Geneva to create your unique piece 100% customizable. Watchmaking house since 1837 Golay Spierer Genève. In 1837 Auguste Golay founded the house Golay-Leresche.

At the end of the 19th century, the company takes the name of Golay Fils & Stahl, it is with the companies Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin the jewel of the Geneva watchmaking.

It is the meeting with Emile Spierer who shares the values and dreams of watchmaking that motivate the creation of Golay Spierer on January 1st, 2001. The company settles in its Carouge workshops in Switzerland.

The stages of bespoke. Here are the three phases you go through in creating your watch: 

The creative journey. This first step consists of a meeting to find out your tastes, your experience, what you like about watchmaking, your ideas and your dreams. We are here to guide you, accompany you and establish a common language to allow you to express, choose and create.

Over the few weeks that the creative journey lasts, we express your wishes using computer-generated images. Each new sketch is an opportunity to confirm your choices, to make new ones and thus explore the limits of your project.The watch manufacturing combines craftsmanship, techniques and art. The project is transformed into a set of design plans, specifications and descriptions for the attention of about twenty craftsmen. Over the weeks, we illustrate each step of the manufacturing process.

We animate the dialogue between craftsmen, artists and technicians. Everyone works together to forge the soul of the watch. It is in this period that you give a name to your watch.The final assembly It is in our workshops that we carry out the final assembly of the watch. Beyond the technique, there is in this outcome a very strong emotional dimension which gives life to the watch.
Golay Spierer have developed a watch based on the expression of traditional shapes of watch and the invisible setting of baguette diamonds. We offer our customers the possibility of setting their watch with diamonds and other precious stones. All watches are white gold, with automatic movement.In the Golay Spierer workshops in Switzerland near Geneva, more exactly in Carouge. Above Christophe Golay founder of the Golay Spierer brand and Nicolas Boissier founder of Watchaser.