Precision and Speed Unite: The Richard Mille and Felipe Massa Collaboration

Richard Mille, renowned for pushing the boundaries of haute horlogerie, has found a dynamic collaborator in the world of motorsport – Felipe Massa. Together, they have created a collection of exceptional timepieces that showcase the synergy between high-performance engineering and cutting-edge horological innovation.

Felipe Massa: The Racing Legend

Felipe Massa, a legendary figure in the world of motorsport, has achieved numerous victories and accolades throughout his illustrious career. Known for his precision on the racetrack and passion for speed, Massa's collaboration with Richard Mille reflects a shared commitment to pushing the limits of their respective crafts.

RM 011 Felipe Massa: The Racing Chronograph

The RM 011 Felipe Massa timepiece stands as the flagship model of this collaboration. Embodying the spirit of motorsport, this racing chronograph boasts exceptional precision and functionality. Its lightweight yet robust construction showcases Richard Mille's expertise in using advanced materials, ensuring peak performance on and off the racetrack.

High-Performance Materials

The RM 011 Felipe Massa timepiece is crafted from cutting-edge materials like carbon composite and titanium, enhancing durability and reducing weight. These materials are reminiscent of the lightweight components used in racing cars, ensuring that the watch can withstand the rigors of high-speed racing.

Innovative Horological Features

The RM 011 Felipe Massa watch incorporates innovative horological features, such as a flyback chronograph and an annual calendar. These complications provide racing enthusiasts with precise timing capabilities and practical functionality, making it an ideal companion for those who thrive on adrenaline and precision.

A Shared Passion for Excellence

The collaboration between Richard Mille and Felipe Massa goes beyond the creation of extraordinary timepieces. Both share a passion for excellence, innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their respective fields. This shared vision has resulted in the creation of timepieces that resonate with racing enthusiasts and horological connoisseurs alike.


The partnership between Richard Mille and Felipe Massa epitomizes the seamless fusion of motorsport's precision and horological innovation. The RM 011 Felipe Massa timepiece stands as a testament to the shared commitment to excellence and performance. As racing enthusiasts and watch collectors alike celebrate this collaboration, Richard Mille continues to set new benchmarks in the world of haute horlogerie with each dynamic partnership it forges.

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