The Dynamic Duo: Richard Mille and Bubba Watson's Unconventional Collaboration

Richard Mille, renowned for its trailblazing approach to watchmaking, has embarked on numerous collaborations with exceptional athletes and personalities. One of the most remarkable partnerships is with professional golfer Bubba Watson. Together, they have shattered traditional watch design norms and unleashed a collection of timepieces that epitomize innovation and sporty elegance.

Bubba Watson: A Maverick on the Greens

Bubba Watson, known for his unorthodox golfing style and powerful drives, brings his unique personality and enthusiasm to the collaboration with Richard Mille. As an unconventional golfer who takes risks on and off the course, Watson's partnership with Richard Mille is a perfect match for the brand's philosophy of pushing boundaries.

Richard Mille RM 038: The Bubba Watson Edition

The star of the collaboration is the Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson timepiece. Designed specifically for Watson's golfing needs, this watch was crafted to withstand the forces generated during his powerful golf swings while ensuring optimal comfort and durability on the course.

Innovative Design for Optimal Performance

The RM 038 features a lightweight case made from a composite material known as Alusic, offering exceptional rigidity while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. The tourbillon movement is designed to provide exceptional accuracy, unaffected by Watson's powerful swings.

Bubba Watson's Personal Touch

Bubba Watson actively participated in the design process, ensuring that the timepiece reflects his personality and preferences. The vibrant green accents on the watch pay homage to the lush greens of the golf course and add a touch of vibrancy to the overall design.

Unveiling the RM 055 Bubba Watson

Following the success of the RM 038, Richard Mille continued its collaboration with Bubba Watson, unveiling the RM 055 Bubba Watson timepiece. With its sleek and modern design, the RM 055 reflects Watson's boldness and flair on and off the golf course.


The collaboration between Richard Mille and Bubba Watson is a testament to the spirit of innovation and adventure that defines both the brand and the golfer. Through their shared passion for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, they have created exceptional timepieces that embody Watson's dynamic personality and unparalleled golfing prowess. The Richard Mille x Bubba Watson watches are a celebration of unconventional excellence in horology, leaving an indelible mark on the world of luxury sports watches.

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