Richard Mille and Sébastien Loeb: A High-Speed Collaboration in Haute Horlogerie

Richard Mille, known for its avant-garde timepieces, has joined forces with Sébastien Loeb, the iconic rally driver. This collaboration celebrates the world of high-speed racing, where precision, performance, and adrenaline-fueled moments converge to create an exceptional series of timepieces.

The Legendary Sébastien Loeb

Sébastien Loeb is a name synonymous with rally racing. With an extraordinary career, multiple world championship titles, and countless victories, Loeb has left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. His passion for pushing the limits of speed and his relentless pursuit of perfection resonate perfectly with Richard Mille's philosophy.

Timepieces Inspired by Racing

The collaboration between Richard Mille and Sébastien Loeb has resulted in timepieces that take design cues from the exhilarating world of rally racing. These watches combine cutting-edge materials, high-tech innovations, and precision engineering, mirroring the cars that Sébastien Loeb pilots with utmost skill and control.

Innovative Materials for Performance

Richard Mille's collaboration with Sébastien Loeb has introduced innovative materials, such as carbon TPT® and titanium, to create lightweight yet highly durable timepieces. These materials, akin to those used in high-performance racing cars, enhance the watches' ability to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Paying Homage to Rally Racing

The timepieces born from this collaboration pay homage to Sébastien Loeb's illustrious rally career. With limited-edition pieces featuring unique design elements and vibrant accents, these watches encapsulate the thrill of the race and Sébastien Loeb's legacy in the world of motorsports.

A Fusion of Precision and Performance

Just like Sébastien Loeb's extraordinary driving skills, Richard Mille timepieces from this collaboration showcase exceptional precision and performance. With intricate movements and cutting-edge technologies, these watches are a testament to the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of haute horlogerie.


The partnership between Richard Mille and Sébastien Loeb is a celebration of speed, precision, and passion. The timepieces resulting from this collaboration embody the excitement of high-speed racing and pay tribute to Sébastien Loeb's remarkable career. With each limited-edition masterpiece, Richard Mille continues to innovate and redefine the world of luxury watchmaking, mirroring Sébastien Loeb's quest for perfection and his relentless pursuit of excellence on the racing track.

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