A Match Made in Speed: The Richard Mille Collaboration with McLaren

When two powerhouses of engineering and speed unite, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Richard Mille's collaboration with McLaren, a legendary name in motorsport, has given birth to a collection of cutting-edge timepieces that embody the essence of precision, performance, and innovation.

McLaren: A Legacy of Speed and Innovation

McLaren needs no introduction in the world of motorsport. With a rich history of Formula 1 victories and pioneering engineering feats, McLaren's quest for perfection aligns seamlessly with Richard Mille's pursuit of horological excellence.

RM 11-03 Chronograph McLaren: Inspired by Racing DNA

The RM 11-03 Chronograph McLaren timepiece is the embodiment of this dynamic collaboration. Drawing inspiration from McLaren's iconic racing cars, this watch showcases a design language that mirrors the speed and aerodynamics of the track.

A Fusion of Performance Materials

Like McLaren's racing machines, the RM 11-03 features state-of-the-art materials. Its case is crafted from carbon TPT and orange quartz TPT, ensuring lightness, strength, and dynamic aesthetics that resonate with McLaren's signature colors.

Precision and Innovation in Harmony

The RM 11-03 McLaren houses a sophisticated automatic movement that embodies the precision and innovation synonymous with Richard Mille. Its chronograph functions, date display, and flyback feature make it a highly functional timepiece tailored to motorsport enthusiasts.

A Timepiece for Racing Aficionados

The collaboration between Richard Mille and McLaren speaks to racing aficionados and watch collectors alike. The RM 11-03 Chronograph McLaren is not just a time-telling device; it's a statement of speed, craftsmanship, and shared passion for pushing boundaries.


The collaboration between Richard Mille and McLaren is a celebration of engineering, innovation, and motorsport excellence. The RM 11-03 Chronograph McLaren exemplifies the harmonious fusion of precision watchmaking and high-performance racing. As this partnership continues to inspire enthusiasts worldwide, it reinforces the notion that when two pioneers of speed unite, the possibilities are limitless.

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